Thursday, October 21, 2010

Artists Talk: Thurs. Oct 28th, 1-3pm at U of T Scarborough

WIAprojects and U of T Scarborough present:

Spy Dénommé-Welch & Catherine McGowan.... public artist talk on their collaboration as An Indie(n) Rights Reserve and in composing and presenting the opera Giiwedin.
Thurs. Oct 28th, 1-3pm FREE.
At the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
Military Trail, Scarborough

Talk is open to anyone in AA-209 - 2nd floor of the Arts & Administration Building, the light yellow brick building just behind the Student Centre at that front of the campus.
Workshop is open to U of T Scarborough performance students.

For info call: Arts & Events Programming at 416.208.4769

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIA Projects Symposium Nov 5 & 6, 2010.

Performing Feminist Culture (Nov 5/6 at XPACE Cultural Centre, 55 Ossington Ave., Toronto) as symposium seeks to perform feminist culture in the postmodern. The misinformed clarity of the modernist feminist agenda has been splintered into a myriad of practices, concerns and communities. Such a shift has unquestionably created a more inclusive feminisms in which intersecting oppressions, privileges and needs speak across communities of difference. “Feminist artist” has been replaced by “cultural practitioner”, who in dialogue with curators, historians, critics, theorists, viewers, educators, galleries help create a space in which artifact becomes a site that acquires multiple meanings. But, what are those meanings? Is feminist production still alive and well? How can we perform (or re-perform) these newer configurations?

WIA projects with OCADU Faculty of Art and Equity & Diversity is facilitating an active two-day symposium at XPACE, Nov 5 & 6, 2010. Our intention is to engage OCAD students and the general community in working through some central concerns around the feminist performative and its role as a creative and activist strategy for both the production of culture and its presentation and dissemination. We do not expect to come to any conclusions. Nor, do we wish to present “expert” knowledge. Rather, we wish to invite/insight a performative activity; to engage in a practice of thinking, making, presenting and theorizing about what it is we do.

WIA Project Working Group:
XPACE coordinators: Derek Liddington, Jennifer Suddick
Symposium Chair, Curator & Convener: Pam Patterson
Co-convener and Facilitator: Jane Ngobia , Equity and Diversity, OCAD
Associate Curator & Administrative Co-ordinator with XPACE: Maggie Flynn
Performance artists/facilitators: Leena Raudvee & Erika DeFreitas
Session coordinators and facilitators: Stephanie Fielding & Farah Yusuf

Spy Dénommé-Welch (An Indie(n) Rights Reserve)
Bev Pike (Painter & MAWA Facilitator)
Cynthia Grant (Founder, Company of Sirens & Nightwood Theatre, TBC)
Vicky Moufawad-Paul (Video artist & Programming Director, A Space Gallery)
Linda Abrahams (Director, WARC Gallery & film script writer)
Sylvat Aziz (Visual Artist and Associate Professor, Faculty of Art, Queen's University, TBC)
Marilyn Arsem (Performance Artist & Faculty, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)
Leah Houston ( Artistic Director, MABELLEarts community arts program)
Kalli Paakspuu (filmmaker, Co-Founder of Womenfilm/Womenart and Faculty, York University)
Lita Fontaine & Lillian Allen are uable to present at this time but will be with us in spirit.....
From Lillian:
Feminism 101 - Instead of being the doormat, get up and be the door!
Feminism 201 - Sister, Sister, Sister, Sister, Every Woman a Sister!
Feminism 301 - Women of the World Unite!
Feminism 401 - REVOLUTION!

Funding: Thanks to Winnipeg Arts Council, XPACE Cultural Centre, OCADU (Faculty of Art and Diversity & Equity).

Link to symposium site and information for free registration :