Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Canadian Postcard Project 2012-13 - Mallory Diaczun

Student response postcard

The Canadian Postcard Project challenged my Grade 11 Art/Tech students to respond to your work in a postcard form. The postcards are now finished and will be mailed out by the end of the week, so don’t forget to check your mailboxes! 
Originally, I was going to have a new batch of middle school students involved; however, recently I accepted a teaching position at a school in Shelburne. I was told their arts program was lacking and teachers did not particularly enjoy working with the at-risk art classes. (All high school students need an arts credit to graduate, so a lot of students do not want to be there.) One of my at-risk classes, who has students with severe behavioural issues, a history of dropping out of school, drug addictions, and a general disinterest in school, wanted to take on the postcard challenge. They were excited and felt validated to work with practicing artists.
Pam Patterson's 2nd response postcard -
from  a performance RED Square
Photo by Mikos Legardy
 Each student was challenged to create a postcard that reflected their chosen artist’s work in some way, whether it be composition, subject matter, materials, colour choice, and so on. Unlike last year, I allowed them to use any medium they wanted. The second part of the challenge was for their postcard to reflect who they were as an individual. They had a lot of fun with this project and you should see them now! Their visual literacy and creativity is astounding! They can speak about any artwork with confidence and are fully engaged in their new assignment. I want to thank you all for this, as working with you and your art has given them a lot of confidence as young artists and providing them with knowledge about Canadian, contemporary art.
As this was the first art project that some of them had done their entire high school career, I am so proud and thrilled at what they have come up with! I hope you will be too!

For more information or to participate in future projects:
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