OPENING & PERFORMANCE Nov. 13, 2021 : Breaching Nirvana

Video by Elaine Stewart.

Breaching Nirvana
Churla Mitchell

Opening & Performance: Performance: Nov. 13, 3 pm
Churla Mitchell will be performing “Breaching Nirvana”, a journey of healing, on Saturday, Nov. 13. The performance/procession will begin at 3 pm at the corner of Seaforth Ave and Lansdowne. It will progress South towards Gallery 1313’s courtyard where it will culminate and transform into an installation in the Window Box Gallery. 

Installation, Window Box Gallery: Nov. 13 – Dec 30

WIA@1313 in Window Box Gallery, 
Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen Street West, Toronto.

This is the next event/exhibit in the series entitled Through a Glass Lightly of works by international women disability artists.

Churla Mitchell is a multi-media, bi-polar performance and visual artist and maker of things. She studied painting and sculpture at The Alberta College of Art and Fashion Design at George Brown College. Her medium use includes watercolour, indigo and other natural dyes, wax encaustic, embroidery, knitting, crystals, oil paint and plant matter. She grew up under the influence of the Northern Lights in Alberta and moved east at the age of nineteen to follow her artistic dreams. She reads Runes as a divination method for personal spiritual growth and has a crystal practice as well as being an avid gardener.

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