Opening August 27, 2022 Bridget Lu / 晓茶 Grocery

In exploring the demarcation of exoticism and otherness in international food aisles, Grocery interjects sculpted replicas of cultural foods into their broader corresponding food categories. Photographed in Walmart grocery aisles, Lu deconstructs habitual exotification by asserting that sesame oil is oil, black rice vinegar is vinegar, and shrimp chips are chips. The disruption of imposed otherness re-envisions the potential of cultural foods in building, diversifying, and nourishing communities.

Bridget Lu/ 晓茶 is a Chinese-Canadian artist, science enthusiast, and aspiring medical illustrator. Her practice includes painting, sculpture, printmaking, and digital media— often taking form in multi-media works. Lu explores and integrates cultural identity, design practices and biological concepts— currently focusing on the generational loss of culture through diasporic migration and the use of everyday scenes and objects.

Curated by: Ella Taylor & Cecily Ou. 

This exhibition is part of Reimaging Urban Spatiality.

Reimaging Urban Spatiality is a year-long curatorial project led by Ella Taylor and Cecily Ou in the Window Box Gallery at Gallery 1313 in Toronto. The project consists of six 2-month shows which will include the curatorial response of Ella Taylor and Cecily Ou, along with four other selected curators/ artists.

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