Exercising Urbanism October - December 2022

Exercising Urbanism
is a collaboration in urban exploration with local emerging artists and designers Ella Hough and Maya Freeman. Freeman and Hough will lead three drawing workshops in the city (at set locations in Parkdale, Cabbagetown, and Chinatown) that aim to help us re-examine the city critically, imaginatively, and playfully. The drawings that develop from the workshops will make up the installation of the Window Box Gallery. With each subsequent workshop, drawings will become layered in the window box as the experiences of the city’s secret corners and alleyways are reimagined as hubs for creative expression and informal gathering. 

Participation in the workshops is free (pre-registration required) and materials will be supplied. To register, please email: exercisingurbanism@gmail.com.


Maya Freeman is a designer based in Toronto, Canada. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Toronto in 2021. Maya is motivated by the possibilities that arise when the functional and practical meet in informal urban spaces. 

Ella Hough is a set designer and painter based in Toronto, Canada. She recently completed an art history degree at McGill University with a focus on arts in prison. She hopes to apply her background in the arts towards building community. 


Na’ama Freeman is an emerging curator based in Tkaranto/Toronto (Treaty 13). Her practice shapes around exercises in community-building with a focus on the transformative power of collective art-making and presentation in non-institutional spaces. 

Project Site (Ella Taylor & Cecily Ou): https://www.windowboxgallery.org/

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