Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Feminist Research Performance Project
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“I know what I used to think of it as, which is looking at women in a society that is defined by a patriarchy and finding a place for women to fight against that patriarchy…” Leena Raudvee

How does one define Feminism? What is a Feminist? What does a Feminist do? How do you become a Feminist? These are just a few of the questions that we asked each other when presented with the challenge of performing Feminist culture. As self-proclaimed Feminists we have our individual narratives to answer our initial questions.

As Feminists of different generations and varied cultures we’re interested in answering these questions with specific reference to the ‘now’. Since the inception of a Feminist culture many theories have circulated, many discussions have been had, and we now feel that it is time for a re-defining and/or re-culturing of our understanding of Feminist culture as it exists today.

As performance artists, a core element in each of our practices is the act of collaboration. With this in mind, we are taking an investigative approach and putting out this open call for responses to our key question: What instructions can you give for a Feminist action?

We ask that you provide us with instructions for a Feminist action that we may choose to interpret and perform.

Please send instructions to Leena Raudvee and Erika DeFreitas at the following email address: with the subject: Action.

Our documentation of performed actions will be on exhibit at XPACE Culture Centre during the WIAprojects symposium Performing Feminist Culture, held on November 6, 2010.

DEADLINE: Ongoing!