Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Meral Pasha: Liminal Spaces: Inside the Folds of a Map

Guest Curator: Sevan Injejikian 
Assistant Curator: Vida Beyer
CWSE Hallway Gallery
OISE/UT 252 Bloor Street West, 2nd floor hallway
Opening: April 2nd, 5.30-7pm
Artist Remarks: 6pm
Exhibit runs until April 27th.
 Meral Pasha’s photographic works explore complex notions of racial, cultural and gender identity. Pasha utilizes digital photography and its infinitely manipulable electronic bit to address the tenuous relationship between identity and place and to posit a multi-locational sense of self. Her portraits and landscapes plumb fragments of personal narrative and unhinge stereotypical representations of South-Asian women and the migrant experience which have become a part of the Western cultural imaginary. 
A recent graduate of OCAD University, Meral Pasha is an emerging Canadian artist whose research into feminist, queer, and post-colonial issues is an ongoing attempt to posit herself in the various stories that surround and inform her. She was raised Muslim in post-colonial Pakistan, received an English-based education, and was already wedged firmly between cultures when she arrived in Canada as a young immigrant. Her art practice has included video, performance, sculpture, photography, installation and poetry. She recognizes herself as colonized, racialised, gendered and other-ed.