Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Joint Exhibition Openings

In speaking to art and design education, one tends to reference curriculum, the students taught, the educational contexts, and teachers’ pedagogy; but what about our own unique experiences of, and affective, experiential and aesthetic responses to teaching and learning? Our process as artists inextricably intertwines art making and multileveled learning. We are responsive to and responsible for our own personal and project development and their realization. As art and design educators we reflect on our teaching moments and in doing so inform our art practice; this is a reciprocal and complex relationship.
Two concurrent exhibitions at OCAD University and at OISE, University of Toronto strategically and evocatively map artist-teachers learning as process, as evocation and as provocation.
Artists Teaching//Learning Zone, 122 St Patrick Street, OCAD University
Opening Oct 30th 12 - 2.30pm ǀ Artists Talk: 1pm ǀ Runs to Nov 29

Graduates of OCADU’s Art and Design Education Lab (ADEL) present visual and new media work that reveals and explores the anxieties, pleasures and challenges they have encountered as emerging educators in their art and design learning and teaching.
Artists: Hudson Christie, Megan D’Angelo, Nazli Nahidi, Hareem Qureshy, Peter Rahul, Julia Sardinha, Angelina Stoilkova, Cassidy Tam.
Curatorial Advisors: Marta Chudolinska, Pam Patterson, Daniel Payne, Leena Raudvee.

Teaching Artists// CWSE Hallway Gallery, OISE, 252 Bloor Street West, 2nd floor, University of Toronto Opening Oct 28th 5.30-7pm ǀ Artists Talk: 6pm ǀ Runs to Nov 29

Artists JJ Lee, Mei Lee Ogden, Amy Swartz and Natalie Waldburger present work in paint and scripto-visual drawing that addresses both the playfulness and complex nature of the art and learning relationship. Lee’s works on paper, originally painted collaboratively with her young daughter Mei, speak to the nature of risk, trust, care, creativity and mutuality found in this unique art making and learning relationship. Swartz’s and Waldburger’s intertwined texts draw and map a process of joint discussion.

Curatorial Collective: Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee, Hareem Quershy.