Wednesday, August 7, 2019

August Window Box Gallery - The DukkeoBeeKeepers

The conversation of sustainability is as prevalent as always, but in the era of hype culture, is this conversation getting lost in the ever-changing- twenty-four-hour news cycle? Are we asking enough questions, or even the right questions? In a world where the system works against the cause and many world leaders turn a blind eye, how do we as individuals do more? 
    CarpOs Collective’s newest installation juxtaposes the idealized sustainable world against the harsh reality that is our industrialized world. Despite reality’s persistence to crash down on sustainability’s efforts, we are still hopeful. We are hopeful in the collective power of society to see the need for change. Our earth is desperate. We can succumb to the overpowering industries and suffer in a dying world, or we can persevere through the difficulties and change our collective habits. Our lifestyle choices and our consumer habits hold the most effective power against those sitting in their smog filled thrones.
The DukkeoBeeKeepers are those who will not let this conversation get lost in the infinite scrolls and the newest fads. We will continue the difficult conversations, and share knowledge, ideas, and resources. We strive to seek understanding, and lend an ear before lending a hand. We will breach reality with our idealism, and we will win.

CarpOs Collective
CarpOs is an art collective initiated in 2017 by Shirls, Julia, and Joyce. Their relationship was born from a shared love for creating art and stories. They aim to create a healthy space for much-needed conversation among their diverse communities and celebrate the beautiful results of being open to differences and allowing these differences to work together.