Friday, July 22, 2011

2011-12 Interns

WIAprojects has a very challenging and interesting 2011-12 program (see 2011-12 programming). We have one work-study position now filled by UTSC student Pailagi Pandya who will be assisting with production, curation and design. Jay Smith a work-study student in theatre will also be assisting with the UTSC program. Also new NSCAD grad, Vida Beyer is joining us as a curatorial and production intern and Kayla Barbeau in Education. Eireann Oughton is returning as a production intern as well. So welcome to WIAprojects and CWSE!
We still have sites available for educational interns. If you are applying to the BEd or Masters in Teaching programs come and get valuable teaching experience. We have one slot in elementary (learning through the  arts) and one in secondary (design) education.