Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sylvat Aziz : Sisyphus & Other Personal Matters

CWSE, WIAprojects & The Jackman Humanities Institute present:
An Exhibition: Sylvat Aziz : Sisyphus & Other Personal Matters
Curators: Pam Patterson & Emily Kakouris
CWSE Gallery, OISE
252 Bloor Street West, 2nd floor hallway
Opening: March 5th 5.30-7pm 
Artist Comments: 6pm
Exhibit runs until March 30th.
The work engages with ‘social justice’ questions on how research is conducted in the making of art.  This is especially relevant when digital documenting is employed, which can manipulate information seamlessly and infinitely.  The questions rest primarily on the subaltern dynamics that come into play when roles shift and the subject/object and the ‘researcher’ replace participant/observer research models.   The work questions the privileging that assumes the researcher has the right to display without responsibly acquiring permission.  
Sylvat Aziz holds Masters degrees in literature and in art. Her studies began in Lahore, Pakistan then on to Pratt Institute, New York, and Concordia University, Montreal. She has exhibited sculpture and painting at Venice; Istanbul; Bradford, England; New Delhi and Lahore, as well as many major public and university galleries in Canada. Her research is focused on problems of representation and the politics of space in early Islamic art and architecture and the influences, conflicts and compromises addressed therein. She currently teaches at Queen's University, Department of Art, Kingston, Ontario.

Event is free and all are welcome!