Saturday, October 19, 2019

Opening Window Box Exhibit//WIA@1313 for Through a Glass Lightly

Through a Glass Lightly
WIAprojects @ 1313, Window Box Gallery
Artists’ perspectives as persons with disabilities inform a vision of the world which can be unique - personally, visually, politically .... The series exhibition, Through a Glass Lightly induces the Window Box Gallery to act as a looking glass site that reflects back to the viewer changing images of the world - the seasons and times of day/night play over the window surface altering the images within. This exhibit invites others to see not only slightly askew but anew! To see our "acts" as creative offerings. 

October Window Box Exhibit 
Opens Oct 22, 2019 to Nov 30
where water lived
Tegan L Smith

Fragments from past work are framed by this map from a 2012 showcase project about the fluctuating Lake Ontario shoreline. It forms part of Floodgates, a project which started over 20 years with memories of dam floodwaters flowing through bushes and living in Toronto near the post-Ice Age Iroquois Lake shoreline. Struggles to reclaim material for art, while industrial economies careen through environmental crises, is evident in past sculptures and an online project, Tender Loving Stuff. Following 2015 radiation and chemotherapy, bouts of fatigue underscored the energy toll that neurological differences have always exacted. Water health and this showcase series theme of women aging with disabilities determined the choice to include nuclear medicine and power.


Tegan L Smith’s current work began with dyslexic measuring quirks and widened to the metric system, world measuring projects and unusual navigation methods. She studied at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon and has an MFA from York University, Toronto. She has exhibited work in Canada as well as Italy, the USA and Japan. Recently she participated in her first artist residencies abroad in Scotland and Spain.

Thank you
Philip Dyke, Eduardo Padilla and Michelle Johnson
Pam Patterson, Leena Raudvee and Gallery 1313 for organizing this window box series
CCA Visual Arts

Davenport Road, c.10,000 BCE, Roadside Attractions window, mixed media on Lexan, blue fabric and reflections, 2012, DETAIL

Window in process: