2006-2007 Programming

2006-07 Women in Action/projects (Programming at the CWSE/OISE/UT & York University)

York University:
March Spy Dénommé-Welch & Maureen Muwanga Senoga Transgressive Pedagogies: Performing Culture and Identity (co-sponsored by Graduate Education, York University).

Oct: Pamela Sayne Opening Occupational Doors: Excuse Me I Did Not Know This Was The Men's Room.
Nov: Heather Hicks Sexual Abuse/The Violence of Gender Norms
Feb: Farah N. Mawani Depression Among Immigrant and Refugee Women.
March: Ayanna Black International Women’s Day Poetry Reading.

At York University:
March: John Greyson & Vicky Moufawad-Paul Video: Visual Culture and Gender
(co-sponsored by The Gender and Culture Collective & Graduate Department, Education, York University.)
May: Jessica Glanfield "that_INDESCRIBABLE_life": An Arts-informed Research in/as Drama (co-sponsored by York University, Graduate Department, Education).

Oct: Drawing (with) the Subject
Nov/ Dec: Speaking/Writing in Narrative
Feb: Performance Art Strategies for Interdisciplinary Practice
Instructor: Pam Patterson

March: Extending the Visual: Strategies in/for Relational & Aesthetic Research
Instructor: Nancy Halifax

Nov: Heather Hicks, You Are A Girl.
Jan/ Feb: Nancy Halifax Street Health Project, A Day in Life: URGENT

Bushra Afgani Creating Peace
Margo Charlton Theatrical Approaches to Group Animation and Analysis.
Beryl Tsang Tit-Bits: Knitting & Breasts
Pam Patterson Buttonmaking
Pam Patterson, Janet Howse Open Your Kit Bag! An Exchange of Creative Strategies in Community-Based Facilitation.

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