2007-2008 Programming

2007-08 Women in Action/projects (Programming at various sites)

Public Lectures/Panels:
Nov: Maureen Senoga, Pam Patterson & Spy Dénommé-Welch Performing Transgressive Pedagogy, Universities Art Association of Canada.
April: Pam Patterson Body as (ready to be re-)made: The Body grotesque as transgressive site/sight? Community Health, Memorial University of Newfoundland.


June: Pam Patterson Travelling Fleishman Gallery & on-line Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art, Toronto.
Dec.: Pam Patterson, Emily Speaks: Arts in Action, University of Waterloo, co-sponsored by Women’s Studies, University of Waterloo.
March: Pam Patterson Travelling “body” Worlds, London, UK.

May: “Walking the Table”: Dramatic Teaching by S. Colucci et al., (ed.) Pam Patterson (monograph) Co-published with Graduate Department, Education, York University.
Storm (2) by Leena Raudvee (catalogue). For exhibit with Fleishman Gallery, Toronto.
June: Travelling by Pam Patterson (catalogue). For exhibit with Fleishman Gallery, Toronto.

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