2009-2010 Programming

2009-10 WIAprojects (Programming & research presentations at the CWSE/OISE/UT & at various sites)

Seminars, Lectures, Research Presentations:
Oct. 2009: Failed accounts of homeless/ness....A performative encounter with Nancy Viva Davis Halifax. Brown Bag CWSE.

“Normalcy” and Difference: Creating a Space for Arts Activism, Pam Patterson. Ontario Society for Educating through Art, Toronto.

Travelling: Performing a Pedagogy in Virtual Space & Body as Sight (Site): Gender and Disability in the Museum, Pam Patterson, Canadian Society for Education through Art, Vancouver.

Nov. 2009: “my current body paper on gender and identity” with Claudia Wittmann (co-sponsored by FACS – York University & WIA projects.) http://www.claudiawittmann.ca/

May 2010: (En)Gendering Difference: Creating a Space for Arts Activism, RCM The Arts for Social and Environmental Justice, presented by Pam Patterson.

gender/TROUBLING for CWSA at The Congress presented by Pam Patterson/

Oct. 2009: AH, but what can you do? - Cait Harben & fear of pleasure - Leena Raudvee. Performance by Leena Raudvee. (Curated by Pam Patterson)

Dec. 2009: Remembering December 6th: Montreal Massacre commemorative exhibit by TDSB students at CWSE. Lynda Hattin (TDSB teacher/facilitator) & Maggie Flynn (Curator).

March 2010: The Transcultural: Women in Performance, photo-documentation of performative work by women activists and artists from Canada and the USA. (Facilitated by Pam Patterson & Leena Raudvee). Performance: Homage to Margaret: Cleaning and Loving It by ARTIFACTS & video screening: More Cleaning and Loving It by Margaret Dragu & Paul Couillard.

March 2010: Finding Me Centre for Women’s Studies in Education, OISE, UT. (Workshop & seminar) Finding me follows on the successful Searching for me and asks: "What is colonization? How does one experience it, get past it, and take control of one's own life? The workshop asks participants to explore intersecting violence and race as a personal narrative. Mary Wright writer and activist. (***this workshop is for women of colour only)

June 14 2010, 6-8 pm: DIY Catalogue/Book Design with Erika DeFreitas. An introduction to catalogue design with novice designer. We are playing around with easy book or catalogue design. This is for absolute beginners (lulu & blurb). Free or PWYC at XPACE Cultural Centre 58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto. e: info@wiaprojects or call 416-531-7801. for more info **** You can need bring your own laptop (wifi access) but projection screen connected to laptop is provided for all group to view.

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